Fitness Models

You see fitness models on television, print magazines, or even live, wearing skimpy bikinis and flaunting their well-toned physique: flat, rock-hard abs,  toned thighs, firm arms, and erect posture.  These models look sexy and muscular at the same time, and you see their skin glowing.  Not an inch of fat is to be found anywhere in their body.  So how does one become a bikini-worthy fitness model?

What these models eat

One of the most important things that every model-wannabe should remember is that nutrition plays a key role toward achieving a lean and muscular body.  Of course, exercise routines are important, but the right diet will spell the difference between weight gain and weight loss.  A model’s diet is not limited to boring fiber intake and protein shakes alone.  Believe it or not, there is a wide variety of food that they can include in their daily diet, but the secret lies mostly in making wise choices.

Eating lean is an essential aspect of every diet.  The breakdown of a typical lean diet is as follows: 40 percent protein, 30% carbohydrate, and another 30% for the fat.  You may be surprised to discover that such a lean diet nevertheless contains carbohydrates and fats.  However, choosing lean carbohydrates means foregoing the starchy types and opting for the more complex varieties.  Also, good fats are very important.  You can get them from nuts, olive oil, and low fat types of cheeses.

How they train

Toning is an essential component toward achieving the body of a fitness competition model.  Resistance workouts are common exercises, and these often include squats and lunges.  By adding more weight to your squats and lunges, you are essentially helping yourself burn more calories and get rid of fat at a much faster speed.

It is also important to keep the body moving in order to maintain its leanness.  Not only does regular movement help  burn more calories, but it also assists muscles in building more strength.  Thus, what you get is a better-toned body that is leaner and muscular in all the right areas.

The competition

For some women, working on their fitness is an important first step toward participating in competitions.  Figure competitions tend to focus on actual muscle tone, while female bodybuilding centers around muscle size.

These competitions often involve a swimsuit round and a routine round.  It is in the swimsuit round where models wear swimsuits and high heels to present their toned physiques to the judges.  The guidelines of such competitions tend to lie heavily on muscular mass, leanness, and clear separations between muscle groups.  The swimsuits used for such competitions are generally skimpy, enough to show skin and muscle but thongs and G-string types of bikinis are not allowed.